THE ONE, Wrestling Shoe


An exclusive Wright Way Wrestling shoe meticulously crafted for the dedicated athlete. This custom shoe is not only light-weight but also exceptionally durable, ensuring top performance on the mat. Sold for a limited time only. We’re excited to present to you our latest product “THE ONE”.

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Introducing the first athletic combat shoe from the people and for the people. “THE ONE” is first of many shoes to come from Wright Way Wrestling. The high top black mesh material is built to form and protect the ankle through side to side agility motions. The mesh material ensures the foot breather. The bottom grip of “THE ONE” is top of the line and guaranteed to help your athlete hug the mat before exploding. When we say for the people, we mean it. Wright Way Wrestling is a small wrestling brand out of Indianapolis, IN. Tim Wright the first 4x NCAA Champion founded the club while coaching his son Brandon in his youth years. After college Brandon resurfaced the club. Since 2018 Wright Way Wrestling has build a brand on innovation, collaboration and elevation. We’re excited to present to you our latest product “THE ONE”.

Pro Tip: $10 off for those who purchase shoes in-person