Wright Way For You

We are here to empower, mentor and enrich the families of our community

Our Story

Wright Way For You was founded and created in 2020 by EmilyChristine and Brandon Wright. Owners of Wright Way Wrestling, a private wrestling club located in the heart of Indiana. Their mission to serve underprivileged youth utilizing the sport of wrestling as a modality turned into the idea of creating a Recreational Therapy based facility to serve all people of the community through  recreational modalities. Co-Owner EC Wright graduated from Indiana University in 2015 with a B.S. in therapeutic recreation. She has worked in the healthfield since 2011, serving clients with an array of physical, mental, intellectual, social, psychological, and developmental disabilities as Direct Support Professional. Since then she interned at a maximum security state hospital rehabilitating inmates to competency levels to withstand trial to determine their conviction statutes. She moved on to become the director of an Alzheimer’s Unit in 2016-2019. After having 4 babies in 3 years and helping her husband to take off with his Wrestling Club, she began to see a clearer vision of how her and her husband’s dreams could connect. She dreamt of opening up a holistic facility for women, men and children to come and heal utilizing recreational modalities she studied in undergrad. After watching her husband coach and help him run the internal strategies of his wrestling club everything clicked and she began to create Wright Way for You, another business under the house of brands of Wright Way.




Who We Are

Wright Way For You

has the vision to own our own holistic healing and recreational center to create a safe place for our community to heal and become whole again utilizing our programs and services that elevate one’s mental, physical, and spiritual existence.


Wright Way for You has a mission to help empower, mentor, and enrich the youth, men, and women from our communities through recreational modalities that bring self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-healing.

Our Programs

Why recreational therapy?

Recreational Therapy utilizes a holistic approach to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate the needs that need to be met to better the quality of life of an individual, utilizing recreational modalities. “Therapeutic recreation is one of the oldest yet one of the youngest health and human service professions”

Let It Go

This is a 12- week Anger Management Program that runs year around designed for individuals who need to learn to control their emotions and temperament. There will be 12 lessons that go in depth about triggers, emotions, behaviors, coping mechanisms and the difference of anger vs aggression. Worksheets will be given out some sessions to have as take home references for what was explained. Exercises and activities will be done during some sessions to give a better understanding of each lesson and how to gain control of emotions and temperament to better the quality of life for the individual.

Relax and Breathe

This is a 12-week Stress Management Program that runs year round geared towards individuals that have a lot of stressors in their life and need guidance on how to cope with them. There will be 12 lessons covering triggers,reactions, and positive coping mechanisms. Worksheets, exercises, and activities, will be done and given out to give a better understanding of the program for our clients to better their overall quality of life.

You Are Enough

This is a 20 week program that helps the mother I went to school for recreational therapy at IU- Bloomington and always had a dream to open up a holistic healing center utilizing recreational modalities. Fast forward to 6 years post graduation, I have found my calling after having severe postpartum depression, 4 kids under four, getting married and running a wrestling club. I have created a Nonprofit, Wright Way for You whose mission is to help empower, mentor and enrich the youth, men and women from our communities through recreational modalities that bring self awareness, self discovery and self healing.

Wrestling With Adversity

This will be a 10 week program that will run year round with a 1 week recess session in between programs. This group will meet 2 times a week for 1 hour each session  for 10 weeks. The ratio for these group facilitators will be 10:1.  This program will focus on mental toughness, physical toughness, discipline, self assertiveness, self confidence, compassion and work ethic. The modality used to build up these key elements is the sport of wrestling. The sport will provide tools of character development because of the individuality the sport produces. Each session in the 10 week program will have a word of the day that will translate into wrestling and everyday life as well as body awareness/ wrestling techniques practiced. Each session will open up with an ice breaker to call the group together. A group warm up will follow and then a practice will come after. At the conclusion of each session, the facilitators will  debrief with the group about the word of the day and give an example if it was shown in practice then end with a 5 minute meditation about how they can “use the word of the day” in a situation in the future. Ask anyone to share. Invite anyone to pray and use the word of the day in the prayer said. 

Father's First

This program is offered 1 time a week for 90 minutes for a total of 8 weeks. This program is facilitated by 1-2 male instructors. The first 5 weeks will be a crash course in  (1) child development,(2)  tips and tricks for co-parenting, (3)how to maintain self care, and (4) healthy ways to lead the household. The last 3 weeks will focus on how to securely and positively  bond with your littles including a take home of activities, dos and don’ts, and a list of free or inexpensive things to do in the community. The last three weeks will consist of half the class explanation while children are in child watch and the last half of the class a  bonding activity. The last week of the program there will be a  potential field trip. Each session will open with a positive story of a child and father, and then lead into a 10 minute guided-meditation,  then the course will then be taught. A “struggle jar” will be placed in the class with sticky notes and a pen for fathers to anonymously write their struggles personally or with fatherhood. The last 15 minutes of each program after debriefing the facilitator will pull from the jar and the class will all help with ways to cope with the struggles or tips on how to.

A non-profit within the Wright Way Branded House, based in Indianapolis, Indiana.