Wright Way For You

We are here to empower, love, and support one postpartum momma at a time.

Our Story

Wright Way For You was founded and created in 2020 by EmilyChristine (EC) Wright. Co-Owner (with her husband) of Wright Way Wrestling, a private wrestling club located in the heart of Indiana. EC Wright graduated from Indiana University in 2015 with a B.S. in therapeutic recreation. She has worked in the health field since 2011, serving clients with an array of physical, mental, intellectual, social, psychological, and developmental disabilities as Direct Support Professional, CNA, and Threaputic Recreation Specialist. Since then she interned at a maximum security state hospital rehabilitating inmates to competency levels to withstand trial to determine their conviction statutes. She moved on to become the director of an Alzheimer’s Unit in 2016-2019. 

After having 4 babies in 3 years (2016-2019) and experiencing severe Postpartum Depression/ Anxiety, and becoming aware of what she was experiencing she channeled all this madness she felt into something positive and decided to create a foundation to help her community by  bringing awarenss of mental health and modailties to cope with one’s meantl health concerns. 




Who We Are

Wright Way For You

has a vision to own our own holistic healing and recreational center to create a safe place for our community to heal and become whole again utilizing our innovative programs and services that elevate one’s mental, physical and spiritual existence. However, we first must start with the very place we began, the womb, our birth, our mothers, the women of the community. We are reaching out to the women far and wide to lean on us for support during their 4th trimester of postparum. In hopes of creating a community and safe space for them to become aware of how to be the best version of themselves now having been transformed into the goddess of a mother.


Wright Way for You has a mission to uplift, empower, and show love to  the postpartum women of our communities through support, education, and assistance in hopes of making their 4th trimester of transitioning into motherhood a little bit easier.

Our Programs & Services

Momma’s Care Package

Please INjoy (1) a homemade meal made with love, (2) some basic groceries, (3) pre-made smoothie packs (just add milk or yogurt and blend), and (4) a little gift from us mommas to you; packed with other self care essentials to bring you comfort during your 4th trimester of postpartum.

$150 per care package 

You may purchase this for yourself or someone else. This package is available anytime in your postpartum period (meaning months-years after birth). We know what it’s like to transition into your new role and the challenges you may face so we hope this care package brings you some support and a reminder for the community of women you can lean on. 

Home Love

During the first few weeks to months you are trying to find a rountine that works best for you and the beautiful new life you brought in to this world. Sometimes this transistion is easier with a little help from an outside source to love on your home and giving you ore time to bond with your new baby. This service includes LIGHT CLEANING (dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, wiping down, organizing, restocking, laundry).


Bringing a life into this world and all the other stuff that comes along with it can be an adjustment for your body, mind and soul. It’s especially imporant within those first few weeks  to stay up on your caloric intake and making sure you are replishing your body with what it needs to heal from giving birth. Let us help you make a grocery list or meal prep for you with our nutritrional guidance. Disclaimer: We are not registered dieticians but we can guide you from experience.

Lactation Guidance

We are all our baby needs the first few weeks to months of life. Women for generations and all over the world have been breastfeeding their babies for millions of years. However, due to many factors one may have difficulty or issues with feeding their baby. For some it just can’t happen and that’s okay because thanks to modern medicine and science we can give alternatives to our babes. For some it comes so easily and others it doesn’t.  Sometimes a simple fix is all that’s needed. For those mommas that geunieuly want to breastfeed and are having trouble let us support you and give you guidance on positions, facts, myths, and everything in between that can give you your best shot to have this experience with your baby.!

Disclaimer: We are not lactation consultants but five years in a row of breastfeeding 4 babies nonstop for the first two years of each of their lives counts as some major experience and testimony that you too can share. 

Infant Caretaking

We all know how difficult it can be at times within those first few weeks to months to do the so called “normal things” you could do with ease pre baby, I.e. showering, walking the dog, cooking a meal, having  a minute to yourself,  etc. Let us support you and care for you baby while you take you that long hot shower and go for a walk or anything you want to do for that matter. We swear by it us mommas of 30 plus years of experience will take great care of your babe. 

Life Coaching Guidance

Hey you! Yes you new momma! You must remember you were complete and whole before you brought this little babe into this world and at times once our new babes are here we forget that part and for some it can cause a downward spiral into a loss of identity. Trust me we understand! Let’s us support you and guide you to obtain your goals and dreams still even post baby. Whether that be applying for assistance with health acre and good, or finding a job, starting a business, needing a resume done or looked over etc. We are here for you if we cannot perform service we for sure can send you to someone who can!  

A non-profit within the Wright Way Branded House, based in Indianapolis, Indiana.