Wright Way For You

Wright Way for you has a mission to bring families and communities together,
breaking generational cycles through positive outlets, resources, and togetherness.

Our Story

Wright Way For You was founded and created in 2020 by EmilyChristine Wright, co-owner of Wright Way Wrestling, a private wrestling club located in the heart of Indiana. The club’s mission is to serve underprivileged youth utilizing the sport of wrestling as a modality. After watching her husband coach and helping him run, the internal strategies of his wrestling club brought the idea of creating a recreational-based healing facility to serve all people in the community.

Co-owner EC Wright graduated from Indiana University in 2015 with a B.S. in therapeutic recreation. She has worked in the health field since 2011, serving clients with an array of physical, mental, intellectual, social, psychological, and developmental disabilities as a Direct Support Professional, CNA, and BHA. After college, she interned at a maximum security state hospital rehabilitating inmates to competency levels to withstand trial to determine their conviction statutes. She moved on to become the director of an Alzheimer’s Unit, then a case manager, and now an intake counselor at a local psychiatric hospital in Indianapolis, all while having 4 babies in 3 years and helping her husband take off with his Wrestling Club.

After all this time, the experience she endured, and having so many sweet babies in a short amount of time she began to see a clearer vision of how her and her husband’s dreams could connect. She dreamt of opening up a holistic facility for women, men, and children to come and heal utilizing recreational modalities she studied in undergrad with much of her focus being on the mothers and their postpartum phase of childbearing years. She learned so much from her own experience and she sees such a need for support for the mothers during their postpartum times.

Youth Outlet

Mother's Postpartum Support

Father's First


Wright Way For You

has a vision to help empower, mentor and enrich the quality of life for the youth, men, and women from our communities through
recreational modalities that bring self-awareness, self-discovery and self-healing.

Recreation is an emotional condition within an individual human being that flows from feelings of well-being and self-satisfaction. It is characterized by feelings of mastery, achievement, exhilaration, acceptance, success, personal worth, and pleasure. It reinforces a positive self-image. Recreation is a response to aesthetic experience, achievement, personal goals, or positive feedback from others. It is independent of activity, leisure, or social acceptance.
David Gray and Seymour Greben, 1974

10-Year Plan

Wright Way for You has the vision to own our own holistic healing and recreational center to create a safe place for our community to heal and become whole again utilizing our innovative programs, services, and resources that elevate one’s mental, physical, and spiritual existence.

What We Do Now

  • Connect businesses
  • Help mothers postpartum
  • Youth outlet through wrestling
  • Events
  • Retreats
  • Counseling
  • Provide resources
  • Provide positive coping mechanisms

Get Involved

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A non-profit within the Wright Way Branded House, based in Indianapolis, Indiana.